Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time

I’ve been following Tal’s Beginners Ballet class since September 2017. As someone who has almost no experience with ballet I can easily say you never feel pressured in her classes. With Tal you are not scared of trying, making mistakes, embracing those mistakes and then correcting them. She explains the logic behind the technique and that makes correcting yourself much easier. You will discover how fast your body can learn.

However, no pressure does not mean no challenge. You will realize how challenging it can be to keep your posture as perfectly as a ballerina and how weak your legs are no matter how much you worked out before. And you will even discover new muscles in your body that you thought never existed :). And yes, your body will hurt a few days after the class, but that is good!

Tal has the ability to create a dancing environment that allows you to feel welcome. By encouraging you to challenge yourself, and providing personal attention, you are enabled to improve your dancing technique as well as overall performance. I can only recommend her classes, no matter which level. Thanks for the good times!

Tal is in staat om een dansomgeving the creëeren die je welkom laat voelen. Door je zowel te stimuleren om jezelf uit te dagen alsook veel persoonlijke aandacht te bieden, ben je in staat om je danstechniek en algehele performance te verbeteren. Ik kan haar lessen op alle niveaus aanbevelen. Dankjewel voor de fijne tijd!

Heel duidelijk uitgelegd en daarnaast veel persoonlijk advies om zelf te verbeteren. Voel mij ook erg welkom bij de beginnersles moderne dan.

Aanrader. Erg uitdagende lessen.

This was my first time dancing and ballet is something I always wanted to try. I’m by no means anywhere close to looking good while dancing, but the summer course was a nice way to get my feet wet and helped me decide whether this is the sport I really want to pursue (which I do).

The class isn’t entirely beginner because there are various levels. It’s nice because you’re thrown into it and are forced to learn at the same pace as everyone else, which can cause you to get frustrated but also try harder.

I also liked the repetition in the exercises and the final dance. It allowed me to notice even the smallest improvements.

It’s a very nice environment and great for people who want to dance but also want to improve their dancing! Great teacher as well!

Fijne en veilige sfeer, waardoor een optimale leeromgeving ontstaat. Verder zijn de lessen en choreografieën erg leuk en wordt er ook nog eens gewerkt aan techniek. Leuk en leerzaam!

Ik volg sinds 2012 lessen bij Tal. Zowel klassiek ballet als modern. De lessen zijn goed gefundeerd en hebben veel diepgang. Ik ben technisch erg vooruitgegaan door de goede feedback en persoonlijke aandacht. De lessen zijn zeer aan te raden, zowel voor beginners als voor gevorderden!

Since 2012 I’m taking classes with Tal in both classical ballet as contemporary. The classes are really profound. I progressed a lot in my dance technic. Tal gives much feedback and personal attention. I would recommend her classes for both beginners and advanced dancers!

Goede docenten, goede locatie en een goede sfeer. Na drie jaar te hebben genoten van deze lessen op hoog niveau is het mij gelukt om aangenomen te worden voor Contemporary Dance aan Trinity Laban Conservatorie of Music and Dance in Londen. In mijn optiek meest professionele lessen voor amateurdansers in Rotterdam.

The moderne lessons given by Yannick are GREAT! Well structured lessons,good ambiance, technical training but the most important, YOU DANCE and ENJOY!!! Always challenging and motivating.

De lessen van yannick zijn top! Ik volg ballet en moderne dans bij hem op woensdag. De lessen sluiten goed op elkaar aan. Je leert iedere les weer nieuwe dingen. De les is intensief, er wordt serieus gewerkt aan techniek terwijl je het niet door hebt : ) en de choreo’s zijn tof! De muziek ook!

Nice class atmosphere, great lessons!

Goede lessen bij deze dansschool. Enthousiaste docenten die duidelijk plezier hebben in alle lessen die gegeven worden. In de groepen hangt een goede sfeer. Daarnaast is er veel aandacht voor ieders techniek! Ik zou deze dansschool aan iedereen aanbevelen.

Great teachers, nice group of people, big studio. The lessons are fun and well explained! I recommend it.

Tal geeft uitdagende balletlessen. In de lessen van Tal ben je anderhalf uur heel intensief met je lijf en met je geest bezig.

Tal geeft op een professionele manier les. Al haar lessen zijn uitdagend en afwisselend. Je krijgt bij haar persoonlijke aandacht en ze heeft enorm oog voor details. Ik merk dat je bij haar enorm vooruitgaat door haar goede feedback. Naast dat zijn haar lessen qua sfeer prettig en plezierig.

Topdocenten op prima locatie in ruime studios in rotterdam. heb zomercursus gevolgd, was een superervaring, hard gewerkt met veel dansplezier.

Ballet classes with Tal van Dansen are inspiring and tailored to your own needs, excellent service. Tal van dansen biedt verschillende lessen klassiek en modern ballet. Ze heeft een uitstekend oog voor persoonlijke wensen. Het maakt niet uit of je traint voor audities of wilt ontspannen na een dag werk, alles is mogelijk.iedereen is even belangrijk en voelt zich op zijn gemak in de les. De lessen zij leuk en uitdagend tegelijk.

Tal van dansen offers different classes for classic and modern ballet, she has an excellent view for personal needs. If you want to train for auditions or just relax after a day of work, all is possible. Everybody is important in class and feels at home.

Classes are fun and challenging at the same time.

The lessons are fun and Tal explains everything in detail but in an easy and catchy way! I totally recommend this school for all levels!

Beste balletschool van Rotterdam voor amateurs en professionals. Juiste combinatie van plezier en discipline bij Tal. Afwisselende lessen die nooit vervelen, en ontwikkeling voor iedereen op elk niveau.

Best ballet school. If you want to learn how to dance, this is definitely the place to be!!! Tal is an amazing teacher and her classes are really fun :)))

Come and see for yourself!

I started ballet again 2 years ago here as an adult and love those classes from Talvandansen. You receive great advice and explanation from the teachers and can really see and feel the improvement ! My moves are getting better and I feel like a real ballerina even when it is not perfect. If you want to try, learn and enjoy then this is the good place for you !

I really enjoyed the dance training classes. Small group, very personal attention and good exercise. Tal does a good job making sure all exercises are right for everyone. She makes sure to adapt to the different levels, give corrections, and pay attention to everybody. I would definitely recommend this class

Tal is a passionate dance teacher. She cares about everyone’s progress in dancing while making sure that fun isn’t missing in her classes. I definitely recommend her classes!

I’ve danced in different schools in Rotterdam and the surrounding areas. Talvandansen definitely is my favorite. The teachers are very skilled and on a mission to make us better dancers

Tal is a great teacher and a passionate dancer! I enjoy her lessons immensely and always looking forward to come back the next time. I’m 38 and never practiced ballet before coming to Talvandansen, although it was always my dream! Finally, I can do it! Isn’t it just wonderful?!

Just started lessons with Tal and it has been absolutely pleasant. Technical, rich and fun. I definitely will carry on there for a long run and would highly recommend it!

My first experience with PBT: It is a fun and very effective way to train and prepare your body for the dance classes. Although I could not even do the whole class because of an injury, I still feel the effects (muscles) afterwards!

Amazing teacher, amazing moves and choreographies! I have so much fun during the classes! Would recommend this course to every dance lover out there.

Having danced years ago I wanted to get back to it in a supportive but challenging environment. I now take modern dance classes at Talvandansen which are always versatile and with great feedback for improvement.

Have been attending Tal’s lessons for years now. The lessons are given by passionate and good educated teachers. It is definitely worth trying it!

I’ve tried a few ballet/dance schools is Rotterdam and I’m happy to have found Talvandansen. Great teachers, classes and nice group of dancers!