Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time

Terms and Conditions
  • The student is not officially enrolled until the contribution fee has been paid and the subscription form signed.
  • Talvandansen has the right to cancel the course(s) in case there are not enough participants or if problems with the studio owner arise. In these cases the (remained) contribution will be paid back to the student.
  • Refund of already paid contribution is not possible, except in the cases mention above. During the summer course it is not possible to catch up missed classes. There are strict guidelines for catching up missed classes during the school year. You can only catch-up within the same block that you are subscribed to and only if there is space available in the group you requested.
  • It is not possible to refund or catch up the masterclass/workshop/short course. In case of injury or sickness you can send someone else to take your spot.
  • In case of force majeure, Talvandansen reserves the right to cancel lessons / workshops. Force majeure exists if the progress of lessons is partially or completely prevented, whether or not temporarily, by circumstances beyond the control of the dance school such as: weather conditions, pandemic, strike, health and transport issues. In this case there is no refund.
  • Adequate replacement will be arranged in case the teacher is sick. In case this will not be possible, the student will be informed.
  • Participation of all classes offered by Talvandansen is at own risk. Loss, damage, physical injury or any other inconvenience is not the responsibility of the teacher or organization.
  • Talvandansen collects personal data for administrative purposes. You can find more information about this subject in the Privacy Statement.
  • Photos and films can be taken by Talvandansen during workshops and classes. Talvandansen can use these photos and films for promotion material, the website and social media of the dance school. The student should contact Talvandansen in case s/he doesn’t wish his/hers photos to be used. Third parties are not allowed to take photos or videos during the lessons without a previously arranged written agreement.
  • Any oral agreements made by employees of Talvandansen are not legally binding unless confirmed in writing by the dance school.
  • The above mentioned terms and conditions apply to all classes, courses and workshops (also if you switch to another class in the same block or course).

Additional conditions regarding Corona (25 June 2020):

  • In the press conference on June 24 it was announced that dance is allowed back in the studio. Further more dance is falling under the exceptions on the 1,5 meter rule. There is no need to keep distance during class, only before and after. Until further notice additional conditions apply (health check, washing hands, distance). See further information below.
  • In case of a second wave and a new lock down – If we are not allowed in the studio – An alternative program is offered with lessons online and outside (if allowed). There will be no refund of payed contribution. The online/offline lessons will substitute the lessons in the studio.
  • Before and after class – Keep at least 1.5 meters away from people who do not belong to your family / household.
  • Personal protective equipment is not recommended. The choice for the use of non-medical face masks and other protective equipment lies with the students and teachers themselves.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water upon entering the studio location.
  • Do not shake hands, cough / sneeze on the inside of your elbow, use tissue paper to blow the nose and then throw it away.
  • It is always mandatory to book in advance for a lesson.
  • Come by bicycle or car as much as possible. Avoid using public transportation whenever possible.
  • If one of the questions below is answered with YES, you may not come to the dance school. You may only come again if you can answer NO to every question. There is no refund or catching up for missed classes – but you can send someone else in your place (this persoon needs to subscribe in advance).
  1. Have you had one or more of the following (mild) complaints in the past 24 hours or at the moment: a cold, cough, shortness of breath and / or fever (from 38 degrees Celsius)?
  2. Do you currently have a housemate / family member / permanent dance partner with a fever and / or shortness of breath?
  3. Have you had COVID-19 (determined with a laboratory test) and has it been diagnosed in the past 7 days?
  4. Do you have a housemate / family member / permanent dance partner with the COVID-19 (determined with a laboratory test) and did you have contact with this housemate / family member / permanent dance partner less than 14 days ago while he / she still had complaints?
  5. Are you in quarantine because you have had direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?