Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time

Dance Studios

Talvandansen offers Ballet, Dance workout and Modern dance classes at two of the most beautiful studios in Rotterdam.


This location is always open. If the doors won’t open automatically, there is an intercom on the right side of the doors. Please face it, because it has a camera. The classes are in the basement. When you enter the building go to the right and take the stairs down. You will see a hallway with lots of dance photo’s on the left side. Follow it until the end.

There is a paid parking option in front of the building.

Public Transport
  • Tram 23 of 25 exit at Vuurplat (5 min walk)
  • Train from CS/Den Haag/Dordrecht etc. exit at train station Zuid (1 min walk)
  • Metro from CS/ Beurs/Zuidplein exit at Wilhelminaplein and then take tram 23 or 25
  • Bus 66 from Zuidplein exit at Spoorweghaven (half min walk)


Location for Wednesday classes starting from December 2019

Dolf Henkesplein 3, 3072 LN Rotterdam


Conny Jansen Danst moved to a new studio. The lessons will take place in the small studio on the first floor, starting from December 2019. You enter the building from the square behind theater Walhalla, above the door you see the word: DOCKS.

Public Transport
  • Tram 23 of 25 exit Wilhelminaplein (10 min walk)
  • Metro D or E exit Wilhelminaplein (10 min walk)
  • Metro D or E exit Rijnhaven (10 min walk)
  • Bus 77 from Zuidplein or Rijnhaven exit at Lombokstraat (3 min walk)