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English information: Year course
During the school year there are lessons in three levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. There is also a Dance Workout lesson suitable for all levels. It is also possible to combine different classes. The school year runs from September until the end of June. You can step in at any moment.

Availability 2017-18
*= Places available.
**= Limited availability.
***= Almost sold out. Please email first.
****= Sold out for the current block. You can join the waiting list. As soon as a spot opens, you'll get a message. Single lessons for professionals - Possible, please mail first.

You can find the vacations and other important dates under Agenda (dutch only).

Youtube channel Talvandansen Here you can see an impression of the classes and Tal's choreography.

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Students of Talvandansen get discount on all dance performances at the Rotterdam Schouwburg! If you didn't receive the mail, email me for the discount code.

The Dance Workout lesson is suitable for all levels. You can follow this class separately (even if you never danced before) or use it to support your technique in other dance classes. You will work on your posture, power and flexibility. In the class we will use elements from Yoga, Pilates and Floor-barre. You will be more aware of your body and possibilities through the use of Floor exercises. But you'll also work on your stamina using fast paced dance materiaal. Attention: This class is not on the registration form. Please indicate in the remarks field you are interested in the workout.

The Ballet class is for students with dancing experience: advanced amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals. Fast-paced lessons consist of technical training and long dance combinations. The class is also suitable as preparation for auditions.

Location: Conny Janssen
Teacher: Tal Sofer
  • Dance Workout: 19:00-20:15 **
  • Ballet advanced: 20:30-22:00 ***

For absolute beginners, intermediate students with only few years training, or if you danced as a child and wish to return to dancing after long pause. Lessons in a relaxed environment. Discover the pleasure of dancing while you develop your technical skills, posture and musicality. Attention: Not all classes are on the registration form. Please indicate in the remarks field you are interested in the Tuesday class.

Location: Albeda Dans College
Teacher: Tal Sofer
  • Ballet beginners/intermediate: 19:00-20:15 ***
  • Modern dance (Contemporary) beginners/intermediate: 20:25-21:40 **
    (with extra stamina training)

The Ballet class is for (fast) intermediate students with several years of training. The Modern class is for (fast) intermediate and advanced students. The class is also suitable as preparation for auditions. Attention: Not all classes are on the registration form. Please indicate in the remarks field you are interested in the Wednesday class.

Location: Conny Janssen
Teacher Ballet: Elise Matthys
Teacher Modern: Alina Jacobs
  • Ballet intermediate: 19:00-20:30 ***
  • Modern dance (Contemporary) intermediate/advanced: 20:45-22:00 **

Prices (Per block of 12 weeks)
  • 150,- 75 min lesson
  • 180,- 90 min lesson
The school year is divided into 3 payment blocks. Registration is per block of 12 weeks. There is no possibility for refund within a block. But you can decide if you continue with the lessons after each block. If you take more classes per week you'll get 10% discount on the course price.

Try-out lesson
  • 12,- 75 min lesson
  • 15,- 90 min lesson
Special offer!!!
  • Audition training possible.
  • Single lesson possible for professionals only.
Single lesson (Only for professionals)
  • 12,- 75 min lesson
  • 15,- 90 min lesson

Lesson missed?
If you missed a lesson, you can join the class on another day. This means that students from the Monday class can join the Wednesday/Tuesday lessons, or the other way around. Please send me SMS beforehand! about missing the lesson and your request to join the other group.
Students who follow all lessons cannot catch up, because there aren't any more options left.
You can only catch-up within the same block that you subscribed to and only if there is space in the group you requested.

There is no possibility for refund or catching up the lessons in the next block/course.


Tal Sofer
Tal Sofer is the owner of Talvandansen and is teaching most classes. For her CV look on the top left of the screen, in the main menu, under Tal Sofer. There you can also find a list of all the teachers who worked at Talvandansen in the past.

Elise Matthys
Elise Matthys is a dance teacher, dancer and choreografer from Belgium. Elise taught classes in jazz, contemporary, ballet and pointes. She also has experience with teaching community arts. Elise danced in dance pieces choreographed by e.g. Eilit Marom (Israël), Sanne Van der Put (Nederland) and Joseph Toonga (Great-Britain). As a choreographer she made her debut this year (May 2017), with her piece ‘Unbroken’ made for a 13 year old boy.
In her classes she pays attention to graciousness, moving the whole body and creativity. She finds it important that students really feel the given material. However technique is an important part of the class. Elise likes everyone to be able to learn at his/her own ability, so individual attention is important to her.

Alina Jacobs
Alina is a teacher, dancer and maker from Germany. Alina has thought modern dance, contemporary dance, technical dance-training, dance as community
art and the concept Elementarer Tanz in Germany, The Netherlands and France. As dancer, she performed in own pieces and in works of e.g. Malcolm Low (New York City), Graziela Padilla (Cologne), Laura Vink - improvisation with Cora Bos-Kroese (Den Haag) and Joseph Toonga (Rotterdam).
In the classes of Alina, you will work on your technical dancing-skills, your musicality, creativity and you will discover your own dance-language. Through individual feedback, getting challenged by different styles/methods and original material you will experience dance with a lot of joy and develop yourself as dancer.

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