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English information: Summer course
If you can't get enough of dancing, or you want to keep in form as a professional there is a special summer course. The summer course starts in July. The last lesson is in August. You can also choose to take single lessons if you are going on a holiday. During the summer there are two levels: beginner/intermediate and fast intermediate/advanced. It's also possible to combine different classes.

Talvandansen is organizing this summer course for the 14th time this year!

Availability Summer 2017
*= Places available.
**= Limited availability. You can subscribe for the whole course. For individual lessons - waiting list (see explanation below).
***= Almost sold out. Please email first.
****= Sold out. Please email for a spot on the waiting list. You can also subscribe for school year 2017-18.

Youtube channel Talvandansen Here you can see an impression of the classes and Tal's choreography.

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MONDAY Fast Intermediate/Advanced
For people with longer dancing experience: Fast intermediate, advanced, semi-professionals and professionals. The fast-paced lessons consist of technical training and longer dance combinations. The class is also suitable as preparation for auditions. Or for professionals and dance students who want to keep in shape during the summer.
The teacher will make sure everyone can work in his own level with the material. Attention: Not all classes are on the registration form. Please indicate in the remarks field you are interested in the Monday class.
  • Ballet: 19:00-20:30 **
  • Contemporary Dance: 20:45-22:00 ***

WEDNESDAY Beginner/Intermediate
Lessons in a relaxed environment. Discover the pleasure of dancing while you develop your technical skills, posture and musicality.
The class is suitable for absolutely beginners, students with short experience in dance or if you start dancing again after very long break. The lessons consist of technical training & explanation and dance combinations.
The teacher will make sure everyone can work in his own level with the material. Attention: Not all classes are on the registration form. Please indicate in the remarks field you are interested in the Wednesday class.
  • Ballet: 19:00-20:30 **** (Sold out on some dates!)
  • Contemporary Dance: 20:45-22:00 ***

The course begins on Monday July 10 and will end on Wednesday August 16 2017.

The summer course 2017 will be held in the studio of Conny Janssen Danst (you can find more information about the location under English Information/Studio Location).

Special offer
If you subscribe and pay BEFORE 01-06-17 you will receive a discount on the course price.

Price List (Payment BEFORE 01-06-17): For the whole course = 6 weeks!

The discount price is no longer available!

Price List (Payment ON/AFTER 01-06-17): For the whole course = 6 weeks!
  • € 83,- 1 Modern class p/w
  • € 99,- 1 Ballet class p/w
  • € 158,- 2 Modern classes p/w
  • € 174,- 1 Ballet class & 1 Modern class p/w
  • € 189,- 2 Ballet classes p/w
  • € 238,- 1 Ballet class & 2 Modern classes p/w
  • € 253,- 2 Ballet classes & 1 Modern class p/w
  • € 291,- 2 Ballet classes & 2 Modern classes p/w
The price is based on the number of hours per week. If you follow more lessons, you get a bigger discount. The discount is already calculated in the prices above.

During the summer there is no refund or catch-up possibility for missing lessons. But you can choose to take SINGLE Lessons.

Single Lessons
It is also possible to take single lessons, if there is enough place in the group. You can choose one of 3 options:

1. If you would like to take 4 or more single lessons, you can subscribe and pay them right away. Your spot is GUARANTEED! On the subscription form you will find a text box for subscription to single lessons. Check first the availability in the class you want (see stars).

2. If you want to take less then 4 single lessons, you will be first placed on the waiting list. Please fill the subscription form (dates in text box), but wait with your payment. If there are enough places available in the group, you'll get a message that you can continue with payment. Your place will be guaranteed after payment.

3. If you want to take single classes, but you are not sure when you will come, you can still show up during the course. Please fill the subscription form, but in the tekst box you write - dates unknown. Come to class, or send me an SMS on the day of the class. If there is still place in the group, you are welcome to join. The fee (cash and exact amount) is due before the lesson starts. Placement is not guaranteed.

Waiting List
Is the class almost full? You can still fill your subscription form with the required dates. But wait for a conformation before you pay. Your subscription will go on the waiting list for the required dates. First the students who choose for the whole course are placed. Later, if there is still place available, the waiting list will be placed.

Price Single lesson
  • € 17,- 1 single Modern class
  • € 20,- 1 single Ballet class
  • € 35,- Combination single Ballet & Modern on the same day
If you choose to pay just before class, please bring this payment in cash and exact amount to prevent long waiting time before the lesson starts.


Tal Sofer
Tal Sofer is the owner of Talvandansen and is teaching most classes during the school year. For her CV look on the top left of the screen, in the main menu, under Tal Sofer. There you can also find a list of all the teachers who worked at Talvandansen in the past.

Guest teacher Jaakko Toivonen
Jaakko Toivonen is a dance professional with roots in Finland and a great deal of experience in multiple dance genres. After his graduation 2001 from the acclaimed Codarts Dance Academy in Rotterdam, he has worked intensively across the field of dance and collaborated with professional contemporary dance companies, multiple television shows and musical theatre. He has regularly been teaching dance in higher and secondary educations and currently also work as an adviser for the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.
In Jaakko’s dance classes you will work on your balance, power, coordination, flow and flexibility. He will stimulate you to dare move big and gives lot of individual feedback.

Guest teacher Yannick Wagenaar
Yannick Wagenaar went to the pre-educational program at ArtEZ Dance Academy in Arnhem. Later he also studied at the Dutch National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and at Codarts, Rotterdam.
Yannick is teaching modern dance at the Pre-educational program of ArtEZ in Enschede, teacher 010Dance and teacher for Scapino and NDT education departments.
Yannick danced in performances by Scapino Ballet, Introdans, Project Sally and Conny Janssen Danst.
In 2014-2016 Yannick was teaching classical ballet and modern dance at Talvandansen.

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